How do I contact Nteu?

How do I contact Nteu?

Thank you for contacting NTEU. If you need immediate assistance, please call us at 202-572-5500.

What does Nteu stand for?

National Treasury Employees Union
The National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) is an independent labor union representing 150,000 employees of 31 departments and agencies of the United States government. The union specializes in representation of non-supervisory federal employees in every classification and pay level in civilian agencies.

Do IRS employees have a union?

This sounds crazy for private-sector workers, but for federal employees, it’s known as “official time,” or taxpayer-funded union time. The Treasury Department, which houses the IRS, utilizes taxpayer-funded union time at twice the rate of the rest of the government (6.81 hours per Treasury employee vs.

How do I join NTEU?


  1. You will be redirected to a secure portal that allows you to sign the form digitally, and an email will be sent to you to assist with authentication.
  2. Once at the form, the required fields are marked.
  3. Finally, the form requires your Social Security number.
  4. Click below to get started and welcome.

What does the NTEU do?

What can NTEU do for me? Some of the things NTEU can do for members include: Negotiate with your employer on disputes related to your employment including promotion, reclassification, redeployment, termination and redundancy, restructures, contract issues and casual conditions.

How many members does NTEU have?

Our Values. Everything we do on behalf of the 150,000 NTEU-represented federal employees is driven by 12 values.

How many members in NTEU?

How do I leave NTEU union?

The SF-1188 form (to stop Union dues from being taken out of the individual’s pay) needs to be filled out and turned into Labor Relations, or you can send the form to us. John Renaud is the current membership coordinator and can handle the request. (Or anyone on the executive board.)

How much does it cost to join NTEU?

The annual membership fee is $55 (GST inclusive). As a Past Member you will receive the Union’s regular publications and have access to a range of commercial discounts and services negotiated by NTEU on behalf of members. Past members do not receive industrial services and cannot vote in NTEU elections.