How can I get a free printer from UPS?

How can I get a free printer from UPS?

Once you have your ID, you will need to call UPS to get your free UPS thermal printer. You can call the UPS customer service center on 1–800–742–5877 or use 1–800–833–0056 if you are hearing impaired and need TTY/TDD access.

Does UPS print label free?

How Much Does UPS Charge to Print a Label? Generating a UPS shipping label on the UPS website is free. However, you do need to plan to pay for postage and any other additional features like delivery signatures you may have added to your package.

How can I get a free label maker?

To get your hands on a free UPS-approved Zebra thermal printer (don’t worry, it’ll work with Inventory Lab, AZLabels, ShipStation, EasyShip, Shippo, etc.), you’ll need to give UPS a call at 1-800-742-5877 (or 1-800-833-0056 for TTY/TTD support). This process goes faster if you already have a UPS ID (sign up).

Does UPS print shipping labels?

UPS Internet Shipping allows you to print shipping labels for domestic and international shipments from the convenience of any computer with Internet access.

Will UPS print prepaid labels?

Yes, with our Printing Services, you can come in with the label saved on a USB, or Email us the label when you at our store, and we can print and attach it on your item.

How can I get free USPS thermal labels?

To order free labels, boxes, and envelopes online:

  1. Go to The Postal Store® at and select “Supplies” – OR – move your cursor over “Shop” in the top navigation and select “Shipping Supplies.”
  2. Order free supplies by selecting “Free Shipping Supplies” in the left hand navigation.

Does Rollo printer work with UPS?

Yes, it is easy to add your existing UPS account to Rollo Ship Manager and use your own negotiated rates. You can also create a new UPS account to take advantage of benefits and discounted rates mentioned above.

Can you print shipping labels at UPS?