How are the seats numbered at Xfinity Center?

How are the seats numbered at Xfinity Center?

When seated looking at the stage, the lowest number (typically seat 1) will be on the far right of each section. In the lower level, section 1 ranges from 1-36, section 2 in the middle from seat 1-51. Lastly, on the outside, section 3 from seat 1-46.

What seats are covered at Xfinity Center Mansfield?

Only sections 1-8 are covered, while seats in sections 9-15 are exposed to the sun / rain and are a bit far back.

Is parking free at Xfinity Center Mansfield MA?

Parking at Xfinity Center is free, and options for upgrading to a lot with easier entrance and exit options are available with the purchase of a ticket.

What did Xfinity Center Mansfield used to be called?

the Great Woods Center for the Performing Arts
The Xfinity Center (originally the Great Woods Center for the Performing Arts, and commonly Great Woods) is an outdoor Amphitheatre located in Mansfield, Massachusetts. The venue opened during the summer of 1986 with a capacity of 12,000.

What seats are covered at Xfinity Center?

How many sections have overhead coverage at the Xfinity Center? All sections in the first two seating levels and Box sections at the Xfinity Center will be covered by the roof. The roof covers the entirety of all of these sections, and guests in these sections can plan on having overhead coverage.

What can you bring into Xfinity Center Hartford?

You can bring in selected outside food and water. This is a great option for individuals who prefer healthy, homemade options over tasty concession stand offerings. You will need to bring any water in an unopened plastic bottle. You are prohibited from bringing in glass containers or cans for safety reasons.

Where do you park for the Xfinity Center in Mansfield Ma?

If you’re going to the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA, there are private lots along route140 that charge less than Xfinity Center charges for premier parking. A great choice for concert parking is the Norton Mini Golf. It’s a short walk to the main entrance and is next to cumberland farms in case you forget something.

What is Great Woods called now?

Some of us remember when Mansfield outdoor amphitheater was called Great Woods. Now it’s been newly christened as the Xfinity Center, the fourth name in 27 years.