Did Sailor Moon get Cancelled?

Did Sailor Moon get Cancelled?

Sailor Moon was adapted into English by DiC Entertainment and premiered in North America in 1995 on FOX, WB, and UPN. However the series was a failure and was cancelled after 65 episodes.

What episode does Sailor Moon go to the future?

Future Shocked
“Journey to the Future: Battle in the Space-Time Corridor” is the 36th episode of the 2nd season of the Sailor Moon anime and the 82nd episode overall. It aired in Japan on January 22, 1994. The DiC English dub title for this episode is “Future Shocked” and it aired in North America on December 11, 1998.

Is Sailor Moon Eternal finished?

The Eternal King and Queen have arrived At the end of “Sailor Moon Eternal,” the Sailor Guardians are able to overcome the nightmares and take down Nehelenia, destroying her mirror realm and reversing the damage done to the planet.

How many episodes are there in Sailor Moon season 2?

The final seventeen episodes of Sailor Moon R premiered November 30, 1998 through December 22, 1998….Sailor Moon R (season two)

Sailor Moon R
Country of origin Japan (original broadcast), United States (Intl. broadcast)
No. of episodes 42
Premiere “The Return of Sailor Moon”

What episode does Sailor Moon go to the moon?

This page is for the tenth episode Sailor Moon Crystal. For the tenth chapter of the manga, please see Act 10 Moon. “Act 10 Moon” is the 10th episode of the 1st season of Sailor Moon Crystal and the 10th episode overall It aired in Japan on November 15, 2014, and in North America on January 15, 2016.

Does Togashi have a kid?

Yoshihiro Togashi
Notable works YuYu Hakusho Level E Hunter × Hunter
Awards Tezuka Award (1986) Shogakukan Manga Award (1993)
Spouse(s) Naoko Takeuchi (m. 1999)
Children 2