Can you drive La Spezia?

Can you drive La Spezia?

Manarola and Riomaggiore do have parking lots above their towns, but you will need to walk from there to the center. Corniglia and Vernazza are more difficult to reach by car, due to narrow roads and limited parking space. You can also drive to La Spezia or Levanto and then proceed by train.

How do I get from Pisa to Cinque Terre?

Arriving from Pisa Airport: From Pisa Airport, go to Pisa Centrale station and take a train to La Spezia Centrale. This train may be “regionale,” (no reserved seating), or “Intercity” or “Frecciabianca” (with reserved seating); prices start at €7.50. Transfer at La Spezia station for the Cinque Terre Express.

How far is Florence from La Spezia port?

91 miles
The distance from Florence to La Spezia is only 91 miles (147 km). Drive between the two cities would likely be shorter than a train trip, but since driving in Florence and in any of the Cinque Terre towns is a hassle, you’re better off taking the train.

Can you drive Vernazza?

In case you really want to drive to Vernazza: the lower parking is for Vernazza’s inhabitants only. You can drive down with your luggage, unpack, then take the car back to the upper parking. There are only about 60 parking spaces so you might not find a spot, especially on weekends and during the main season.

Is it easy to drive in Cinque Terre?

The simple answer is yes, technically it is possible to get to Cinque Terre by car. However, I really wouldn’t advise visiting the villages of Cinque Terre by car. Cinque Terre roads are narrow, parking – nearly impossible, and driving between the villages would take you forever and would leave you frustrated.

How much time do I need in Pisa?

Once at the Leaning Tower, it only takes several minutes to take those goofy photos. Allow more time to climb the tower or visit the cathedral. If you plan to climb the tower and visit the other monuments, a visit lasts up to 2 to 3 hours.

Does La Spezia have a beach?

La Spezia’s western coastline is very steep and rugged and its long breakwater is close to the sea. Beaches are mostly rocky and pebbled, although there are sandy spots to be found in Levanto and Monterosso.

Should you drive Cinque Terre?

It’s widely known that cars are not allowed in Cinque Terre and the best way to get around is by foot. Hiking trails connect each village and provide unbelievable views of the Mediterranean coastline. Most trails are moderately difficult with some steep, rocky inclines.