Are Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp related?

Are Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp related?

Kirstie and Phil have worked together for over two decades, but there is no romance there, and they are NOT a couple. The Location, Location, Location and Love It or List It pair are so close that Phil refers to Kirstie as his “other wife” and say his kids are used to having a secondary figure around the house.

Who is Phil Spencer partner?

Fiona SpencerPhil Spencer / Spouse

Are Kirstie and Phil Spencer married?

The pair have known each other for 21 years! The pair admit they have often been mistaken for husband and wife during the time they have worked together, but both Phil and Kristie have recently insisted they have always had a very innocent friendship and are happily married to other people.

How long have Kirstie and Phil worked together?

two decades
Although Kirstie and Phil have worked together for over two decades and have a irreplaceable on-screen chemistry, there is nothing romantic between them both, despite people thinking there may have been.

Who is Kirsty Allsopp married to?

Personal life. Her partner is property developer Ben Andersen, and they have two sons, born in 2006 and 2008. She is also stepmother to her partner’s two children from a previous relationship.

Is Kirstie Allsopp’s ring real?

She even set up a website to appeal for help to find it. While Kirstie said the ring isn’t as expensive as its looks, pointing out it isn’t a real ruby, she says it has great sentimental value and is eager to find it.

Who is Kirstie Allsopp sister?

Sofie AllsoppKirstie Allsopp / Sister

Who is head of Xbox?

Phil Spencer
He is currently the head of the Xbox brand and leads the global creative and engineering teams responsible for gaming at Microsoft….Phil Spencer (business executive)

Phil Spencer
Other names P3 (gamertag)
Alma mater University of Washington
Occupation Head executive of Microsoft’s Xbox division
Title CEO of Microsoft Gaming

Is Kirsty Allsop titled?

Kirstie is the eldest child of Charles Henry Allsopp, 6th Baron Hindlip – and her somewhat privileged childhood helped her buy her first flat when she was just 21. Charles was the former chairman of iconic London auction house Christie’s – and his peerage also means Kirstie is allowed to use the title “The Honourable”.