Are Hennepin County libraries open yet?

Are Hennepin County libraries open yet?

The Hennepin County Library branch in Osseo reopened to the public recently, one of the last branches to reopen after closing for the pandemic. The branch is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Does Hennepin County Library have an app?

The free mobile app offered through the Hennepin County Library system gives patrons the ability to download titles onto their mobile device, access their account and search for books.

How do I get a Hennepin County Library card?

Hennepin County residents and property owners can get a library card with full borrowing privileges in person at Hennepin County libraries. Residents and property owners can also apply online to get an e-card to access online resources.

When was the Minneapolis library built?

Minneapolis Public Library was founded in 1885 and opened in the city’s first public library building on 10th Street and Hennepin Avenue in 1889.

What does on order mean in library?

“On Order” is part of the process of the library acquiring (purchasing) a book. It means that we’ve made the decision to get it, and sent an order to the publisher, but it has not arrived yet. When a book does arrive, its status changes to “Received” with a date of when it came in.

How do I get a Minnesota library card?

Get a Card Visit any Saint Paul Public Library location to get your library card. Please bring a photo ID, proof of your date of birth, and proof of your current address. If you have a library card from another library in Minnesota, you can register your card for use at the Saint Paul Public Library.

What is the biggest library in Minnesota?

Arrowhead Library System serves the rural residents and the 33 member community libraries of 7 counties in northeastern Minnesota, and is geographically the largest library system in the state.