Are Eep and Guy together in The Croods?

Are Eep and Guy together in The Croods?

Guy is the tritagonist of The Croods….

Guy Crood
Family First Deceased Biological Family The Croods (Adoptive family) Eep Crood (girlfriend/fiancé) The Bettermans (Second Adoptive family)

Who does Eep like in croods?

On the trip, they meet up with Guy, who Eep has a romance with (Guy showed Eep what the outside world has to offer). With his ideas and discoveries, he causing Grug to be even more protective, doing anything he can to keep these two apart. She also as a interest in fire.

How old is Eep and Guy from The Croods?

List of The Croods: A New Age Characters’ Heights and Ages

Actor Characters Age
Emma Stone Eep 19 years old
Ryan Reynolds Guy 20 years old
Catherine Keener Ugga 38 years old
Cloris Leachman Gran 80 years old

Is the guy in The Croods 1?

The Croods (2013) – Ryan Reynolds as Guy – IMDb.

Does Eep date guy?

Emma Stone as Eep Crood, a cave girl, Grug’s oldest daughter and Guy’s girlfriend. Ryan Reynolds as Guy, a cave boy with an advanced modern mindset who lives with the Croods and is Eep’s boyfriend.

Does guy leave Eep in croods 2?

The families gather for dinner, where Eep acts immaturely to get back at Guy. Eventually, Phil spills the beans that Grug agreed to dump Guy on them so he won’t take Eep, leading to Ugga and Eep turning against him.

Does EEP date guy?

How old is Grug?


Grug Crood
Name Grug Crood
Gender Male
Age 39

Who is the dad in the Croods?

Nicolas Cage
Voice cast Nicolas Cage as Grug Crood, an overprotective caveman who is Ugga’s husband, Gran’s son-in-law, and the father of Eep, Thunk, and Sandy.

How tall is Guy in the Croods?

Thunk is Grug and Ugga’s son, their 6′ 3, 280 pounds and 9-year-old middle child, who is not smart and has poor coordination, but has a good heart.

Does guy leave Eep in Croods 2?

At dinner, tensions rise between the parents as well as Guy and Eep, especially when Dawn’s swelling is revealed, culminating in Grug accidentally revealing his and Phil’s deal. Having had enough, the Croods decide to leave in the morning, but Guy decides to stay after he and Eep have a falling out.

How old is sandy in the Croods?

The youngest of the Croods, four-year-old Sandy (5-years-old in Croods 2) is as feral and vicious as a baby wildcat. In a dangerous world full of creatures trying to take a bite out of her, Sandy is not afraid to bite back.