Why has Abigail been asked to leave her home?

Why has Abigail been asked to leave her home?

Why has Abigail been asked to leave the Proctor’s home? Abigail was asked to leave the Proctor’s home because Elizabeth suspects that Abigail and Proctor have had an affair. Because she is jealous that she is married to John Proctor.

Who is most responsible for John Proctors death?

What does Abigail say about Elizabeth?

Abigail says that Elizabeth Proctor hates her and is a “lying, cold, sniveling woman.” Abigail also blames Elizabeth for firing her, even though she was having an affair with Elizabeth’s husband at the time.

Why did John die in the crucible?

The Crucible ends with John Proctor marching off to a martyr’s death. By refusing to lie and confess to witchcraft, he sacrifices his life in the name of truth.

Who is mostly to blame for the situation at the end of Act III is it proctor Danforth Parris Abigail someone else choose a character and explain why this person deserves the majority of blame Be sure to support your accusation with specific details from the drama?

Yes, Abigail is largely to blame here, but again, other characters contributed to the witchcraft hysteria of Salem. Reverends Hale and Parris (at least in the first part of the play) feed the fires of the witchcraft rumors, as do the Putnams, who are bitter because of their seven dead babies.

Who is responsible for the deaths in the crucible?

Abigail Williams

Why does Elizabeth forgive John?

He will be hanged unless he confesses to the crime. Consequently, his wife Elizabeth visits him and tries to convince him to confess so the court will spare his life. John does not confess — for the charge is false — but he begs Elizabeth to forgive him for committing adultery with Abigail.

Why does Miller end the play with proctors refusal?

Why does Miller (the playwright/author) end the play with Proctor’s refusal to sign the confession and Elizabeth’s refusal to beg him to do it? Miller was accused of a communist during the Cold War and refused to admitted to say he was a communist.

Who is the main villain in the crucible?

Reverend Samuel Parris