Recommendations Who was Edward Barton?

Who was Edward Barton?

Who was Edward Barton?

In 1672 Edward and brother Benjamin (see below) Barton were among the petitioners at Cape Newagen, ME to the Massachussetts Bay Goverment for protection; and in 1674 Edward took the oath of fidelity both at Pemiquid and at Salem. He was a soldier in King Phillips war and was mentioned as being at the garrison at Mendon, now in Worcester County.

Where did the Barton family come from?

On January 13th 1673 widow Barton was among the commoners at Marblehead who met and appointed men to protect the town commons from cattle over grazing. Edward had his will probated 4 JUL 1671 in York, York, ME. (4)Edward is the founder of our branch of the Barton family in America.

Who hired Edward Barton to plant Indian corn?

In court at Salem in June of 1660, one Benjamin Parmenter testified that he hired a house an land of Edward Barton about 17 years previously for 20 shillings a year and that it was fenced and planted with indian corn by Barton.

Where did Elisha Barton live?

Elisha BARTON was born in Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH circa 1655. Elisha died after 1688/1689 in Kittery, York, ME. He married Mary CROCKETT.