Who owns Young and Reckless clothing?

Who owns Young and Reckless clothing?

Chris “Drama” Pfaff
Chris “Drama” Pfaff (@dramadrama) is a former reality TV personality, host of the Short Story Long Podcast, and founder of streetwear clothing line Young and Reckless.

Is Young and Reckless still around?

Currently, Young & Reckless is available in over 3000 stores across the United States.

What is meant by Young and Reckless?

As Pfaff has stated, the Young and Reckless attitude “is your mentality of living outside of the box and letting go a little bit, not caring about all the rules at all times.” Forever Young. Forever Reckless.

What is Los Angeles reckless?

Young and reckless is a street wear inspired lifestyle brand that has seamlessly woven the simplicity of casual apparel with the intricacy of design. The los Angeles based brand was created by christopher Drama pfaff, entrepreneur and reality personality from mtv’s rob dyrdek’s fantasy factory.

How long does Y&R take to ship?

Orders placed on Friday after 12pm PST will ship out the following Monday. Flat Rate and FedEx Smartpost orders will ship in 3-4 business days.

Is reckless positive or negative?

Reckless, like ‘gormless’, is one of those that lacks a positive equivalent. In some cases the positive ‘pair’ used to exist but is no longer used much, if at all. This is the case of ‘feckless’, for example.

Is DJ Drama related to Rob Dyrdek?

Christopher “Drama” Pfaff is a American record producer, Scott’s younger brother and Rob Dyrdek’s cousin and assistant.

How did Drama get his name?

Johnny Drama is based on Mark Wahlberg’s friend, John Alves, who he affectionately refers to as his “cousin.” According to the website for the Wahlburgers reality show, which is based around Mark Wahlberg’s family’s burger joint in Boston, John Alves, who appears on the show and whose real-life nickname is “Johnny …