Who owns the Fonda Theater?

Who owns the Fonda Theater?

Goldenvoice leased the space in 2012, and the name reverted back to the Henry Fonda Theatre. One of Hollywood Boulevard’s landmark theatres since 1926, the beautiful Fonda Theatre continues bringing quality entertainment to Hollywood. Mary Mallory is the author of Hollywoodland and three other books.

Does the Fonda Theater have seats?

1,200The Fonda Theatre / Capacity

What is the capacity of the El Rey Theatre?

771El Rey Theatre / Capacity

How many seats are in the Greek Theater?

5,900The Greek Theatre / Capacity

The Greek Theatre is owned by the City of Los Angeles and managed, operated and booked by SMG. The 5,900 capacity outdoor venue is among the City’s most cherished public sites.

What is GA balcony?

General admission allows you to get as close as you want/can to the stage. The balcony offers great views and seating.

Does El Rey Theatre have seats?

Where is the best place to sit at the Greek Theatre?

Section A is the first level behind the Pit on the seating chart. The first few rows of this level will get you very close to the performers and are some of the most desirable seats in the Greek Theatre.