Who owns Never Say Die Records?

Who owns Never Say Die Records?

Never Say Die Records was an independent label founded by Tommy Dash (SKisM) and Nick Sadler (Mobscene) in 2009.

What is Never Say Die Black Label?

Never Say Die Records is one of the world’s leading portals for bass music. Home to some of the very best talent in dubstep, bass house, trap, riddim, electronic and more. Welcome to our Twitch… is the most influential label of our genre; literally redefining what Dubstep could even be.

What is the meaning of the proverb never say die?

Definition of never say die —used to encourage someone to continue something or to remain hopeful It doesn’t look good for the team, but never say die.

Where did the phrase never say die come from?

Dickens used it in Pickwick Papers (1837), “Never say die—down upon your luck,” and numerous writers did after him. In the twentieth century it was more often used ironically, but in the same meaning—that is, keep on trying against all odds. See also: don’t give up the ship.

Why did NSD Black label close?

In a statement shared via social media, the team behind the Never Say Die Records sub-label said that they have been “prompted to rethink” how they release music due to it “being blurred to staggering new levels.” In order to move forward with a more cohesive brand, all future releases will now appear under the single …

What happened to Black Label Records?

It’s the end of an era for one of the most popular labels in the bass music scene. It’s the end of an era for one of the most popular labels in the bass music scene. It’s the end of an era after famed dubstep imprint Never Say Die: Black Label announced that it is shutting down indefinitely.

Is Black Label being discontinued?

Though no longer widely distributed in the U.S., Black Label remains the official beer of Beer Frisbee.

What does Goonies Never Die mean?

Sean Astin became galaxially (it’s a word) famous (so is that) after uttering those four words in Steven Spielberg’s classic. The way I see it, there are two truths in that phrase: Goonies never say Die, meaning they just don’t say it because Death is not an option… meaning they’re alive and well and among us today.

How many times do The Goonies say die?

Just think about it: that’s probably the most famous line from the movie, right? (Right.) So in addition to the whopping 10 times they say the word “dead,” there are four instances of “die,” including the warning to never say, etc.

Can you visit The Goonies house?

In the movie the Goonies cycle down the hill past the museum in search of One Eye’d Willie. Mikey’s father, Mr Walsh, worked as a museum curator. Visitors to Astoria can do a self-guided tour of this historic house that lasts around an hour.

Is Zion T still with YG?

According to multiple media sources, the R&B soloist’s contract with YG Entertainment subsidiary The Black Label will expire in April of next year. Starting in January, prior to its expiration, he will be launching his own label.