Who kills Ben Lost?

Who kills Ben Lost?

(“One of Them”) Ben was captured by Danielle Rousseau in a net trap. She handed him over to Sayid on November 18, 2004. Danielle shot Ben with a crossbow during an escape attempt, after which he was kept prisoner in the armory of the Swan station.

Is Ben a good person Lost?

He is good While he has murdered people in cold blood, and is a pathological liar, it is all to protect the Island. Much like the wizard (the man behind the curtain) in “The Wizard of Oz,” Ben is a liar but has good intentions for doing so.

Why did Ben take Alex Lost?

Origin: Ben kidnapped Alex when Widmore ordered him to kill her mother. Since Then: Ben raised Alex as his daughter. He protected her excessively, fearing her becoming pregnant. She rebelled and said she hated him.

Does Jack operate on Ben in Lost?

On Hydra Island, Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox) says that Ben Linus’s (Michael Emerson) tumor will become inoperable in a week, but adds he is not going to operate on Ben because he does not trust the Others’ promise of freeing him, Kate and Sawyer (Josh Holloway).

Who is the villain in Lost?

MYSTERY: Michael Emerson, who plays bad guy Ben Linus on “Lost,” says his character’s strength is his mysteriousness.

Who beat Ben Season 5 Lost?

When Desmond punches Ben for the first time Ben’s face has sustained a lot more injury than possible by one punch. He has a slight cut from falling on the dock but in the next shot his nose is bleeding and he has multiple cuts and bruises on his face.

What is the Smoke Monster in Lost?

The most recurring form of the Man in Black is that of a black cloud, described as looking like smoke. Known as “the Monster,” initially unseen, it made its presence felt to the Oceanic 815 survivors on their first night on the island. It has violently killed many characters and spared others.

Who is the main villain in Lost?

Benjamin Linus is a fictional character portrayed by Michael Emerson on the ABC television series Lost….Ben Linus.

Benjamin Linus
Last appearance “The New Man in Charge” (2010)
Created by J. J. Abrams Damon Lindelof
Portrayed by Michael Emerson Sterling Beaumon (Young Ben)

Is Alex Bens daughter?

Alex surrenders shouting that she was Ben’s daughter. She is used as a hostage to try to have Ben surrender. Alex sets off a distress signal at the electric fence surrounding the Barracks to warn Ben and the others that the mercenaries were coming.

What happened to Danielle’s baby on Lost?

Shortly after Danielle gave birth, her daughter was taken away by Benjamin Linus, an Other. Rousseau lived alone for sixteen years, and over time became slightly disturbed due to her isolation.

Did Kate sleep with Sawyer?

Kate, eventually, climbs into Sawyer’s cage, which leads to the two having sex. Later on, Sawyer holds her as she cuddles against his chest, and he asks her if she meant it when she said that she loved him. She kisses him instead of answering, but he still sweetly admits, “I love you too.”

Was Juliette pregnant in Lost?

Juliet learns from Rachel that her experiments worked as she is finally pregnant. As she informs Edmund that she does not want the news published to maintain Rachel’s privacy, he is hit and killed by a bus, leaving Juliet shell-shocked.