Who is the main villain in sabaody arc?

Who is the main villain in sabaody arc?

Demaro Black
“Triple-Tongued” Demaro Black, also known as Fake Luffy, is a pirate captain that impersonated Luffy. He was the main antagonist of the Return to Sabaody Archipelago Arc in One Piece.

Who defeated Fukurou?

Fukurou stated he would end the fight with one blow, to which Franky said he would too. Fukurou rapidly cartwheeled toward the tower, planning to slam Franky into the wall, but Franky stopped their momentum with a Coup de Vent and then used another to launching Fukrou into the ground, knocking him out.

Who is Duvall One Piece?

Duval was an antagonist that appeared in the One Piece anime and manga. He redeemed himself and became an ally to the Straw Hat Pirates. He was voiced by Toshihiko Seki in Japanese and David Vincent in English.

Is Amazon lily a filler?

They are all filler characters who made a previous appearance in the G-8 Arc. To allow more time for episodes and to avoid catching up to the manga too quickly, more content was added to the arc to stretch out the episodes.

Who betrayed whitebeard?

Squard, in return, thought of Whitebeard as a father figure, but felt betrayed when he was tricked into thinking that Whitebeard was planning to sacrifice all of his subordinates to save Ace, and tried to assassinate him. When Whitebeard proved otherwise, Squard broke down in tears for his mistakes.

What was Spandam Devil Fruit?

Spandam’s main offense is his special sword, “Funkfreed”, which somehow absorbed a Devil Fruit, Zou Zou no Mi. Using this fruit, it can turn into an elephant. Funkfreed also makes up for Spandam’s weakness by being both his weapon and bodyguard.

Why does Duval want revenge?

He felt that Sanji dealt a great wound to him and that the cook had stolen his life. Since then Duval developed a deep grudge against the Straw Hats and vowed to have his revenge for his unfortunate tragedy.