Recommendations Who does Momiji end up with in Fruits Basket?

Who does Momiji end up with in Fruits Basket?

Who does Momiji end up with in Fruits Basket?

At some point, Momiji married a woman and had one daughter with her, named Mina Sohma.

Did Momiji break his curse?

Despite his upbringing, Momiji is insightful about others and emotionally strong. In chapter 115, his curse is broken before the rest of the zodiac, and he decides to one day leave Akito despite the latter’s pleading and threats.

Who did Momiji like?

It’s not until Season 3 that Momiji, who had a growth spurt over the summer and finally appears his age, reveals he’s in love with Tohru. While he never tells her so, he is pleased that his growth causes her to see him as a peer.

Does Momiji live with Hatori?

Momiji technically lives by himself at the main Sohma estate, although it appears to be a small space, possibly just one room. Natsuki Takaya has said that he often goes over to Hatori’s for meals and that Hatori checks up on him a lot.

What did Akito do to Kisa?

In the 2001 anime, Akito injured Kisa by hitting her and knocking her against a wall after learning from Hiro that he loved Kisa. In the manga & 2019 anime, Kisa had bruises and a bandage on her face, indicating Akito did more than just hit her.

Why does Akito not like Momiji?

Both in the manga and the first anime, Momiji feared Akito because he knew about what he/she had done in the past. In the manga, when Akito was going to meet Tohru in chapter 64, Momiji attempted to stop Akito from entering her room. However, Akito became angry and punched Momiji.

Does Hatori end up with Kana?

After Kana marries someone else, Shigure manipulates Hatori into meeting Kana’s best friend, Mayuko Shiraki. They are attracted to one another and end up dating. In Fruits Basket Another, Hatori is married to Mayuko and the father of Kinu Sohma….

Hatori Sohma
English Kent Williams Bryn Apprill (Young)

What is Akito’s zodiac form?

Akito is the head of the Sohma family, and fulfills the role of the “God” of the Chinese Zodiac. Akito is depicted as shrouded in mystery, short-tempered and abusive, and has physically and emotionally scarred many Sohmas….

Akito Sohma
Kanji 草摩 慊人
Rōmaji Sōma Akito
Also known as Aa-chan (by Saki)