Who are the contestants on Interior Design Masters?

Who are the contestants on Interior Design Masters?


Contestant Age Occupation
Cassie Nicholas 31 Antiques dealer
Frank Newbold 22 Interiors stylist
Ju DePaula 40 Interiors consultant
Nicki Bamford-Bowes 41 Graphic designer

Who won the interior design Challenge 2021?

Lynsey Ford
Lynsey Ford is the freshly-crowned winner of Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr (on BBC 2). Her prize: to redesign a spacious suite at Another Place. Taking time out from finalising her design scheme, she reveals her love of the Lakes, what goes into making timeless ideas, and the art of bringing the outside in.

What happened to Cassie from Interior Design Masters?

Cassie now works within both residential and commercial interior design. Alongside interior design she works as a product and interior photographer and stylist as well as sourcing antiques for Antique Brand, Dig Ha├╝shizzle.

Was Sarah Moore on The Great Interior Design Challenge?

Sarah Moore, winner of the hit BBC show The Great Interior Design Challenge, knows a thing or two about great design. That’s why she scooped first place in the BBC 2 challenge in 2014 and also why she picked Carswell Gould’s fiercely creative web team to develop her digital business.

What happened to Frank from Interior Design Masters?

Frank is the youngest contestant on the show and at just 22 years old his design skills are more than impressive. The confident interior design shone throughout the competition and managed to make his way to the final. According to Frank’s Facebook page, he comes from Solihull and now lives in Henley in Arden.

Who presented Interior Design Masters Season 1?

Interior Design Masters season 1 was presented by Fearne Cotton. However, some changes have been made to the BBC show and fashionista Fearne is nowhere to be seen.

Is the great interior design challenge coming back?

I won’t be returning to The Great Interior Design Challenge. The good news is the fourth series of The Great Interior design challenge has been commissioned and filming is underway.

Who won best interior designer?

About Lynsey’s destination design project So they were delighted to offer the prize of a design contract to Lynsey Ford, winner of Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr (BBC 2).

Who Cassie Nicholas?

Cassie is an antique dealer from Bristol with an eye for picture-perfect designs given her degree in photography. On top of this, Cassie now runs her own interior design service called the Cassie Nicholas Studios, which is sure to pick up a wealth of new customers given her exploits on the BBC series.

What is Frank from interior design masters doing now?

Is Sarah Moore still alive?

Moore died in May 2016 of heart failure. At her Buddhist-themed funeral, fellow survivors from The Family spoke on her behalf.

What is Sarah’s surname in money for nothing?

Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore is best known for hosting the show Money for Nothing.