Which thinkorswim platform is best?

Which thinkorswim platform is best?

ThinkorSwim (ToS) is an advanced trading platform offered by TD Ameritrade. It is often regarded by active traders as one of the best trading platform available….ThinkorSwim Features.

Account Types Taxable Retirement Education Specialty Managed Portfolios
Minimum Investment $0
Commissions $0 for stocks, ETFs, and options

What is the difference between TD Ameritrade and thinkorswim?

TD Ameritrade provides services for self-directed option traders and institutional users who invest in equities, exchange-traded funds, futures, mutual funds and bonds. Thinkorswim provides financial literacy services for self-directed investors including trading tools and analytics.

Which is better thinkorswim or Webull?

Webull and thinkorswim are both designed for active traders. You will find more advanced tools and features with thinkorswim, but Webull has a more user friendly experience.

Is thinkorswim going away?

Yes, the thinkorswim® platforms are coming to Schwab. That means you’ll still have access to thinkorswim® on desktop, web, and mobile—along with all its educational resources, including paperMoney®. We’re combining the best capabilities, education, and service at both firms to create a world-class trading experience.

How much is thinkorswim monthly?

There is a $0.65 per option contract, and investors who frequently trade ETFs may balk at the trading fee for those held less than 30 days….Thinkorswim fees and costs.

Option trading fees $0 commission, $0.65 per contract fee
Online trades of over-the-counter stocks $6.95
Broker-assisted trades $25

Does thinkorswim take commission?

$0 commission trading: There are no fees for trading U.S. exchange-listed stocks, ETFs and options, though there is a fee of $0.65 per option contract.