Which is better for job opportunities AWS or Azure?

Which is better for job opportunities AWS or Azure?

If your dream job requires the AWS skill set, then you should focus on AWS certifications. If the organization you are working in is utilizing Azure and you want to stay there to add more value to the organization, then you should opt for Azure certifications.

Is Azure or AWS more in demand?

AWS or Azure : Which cloud service is more popular? In terms of popularity, Amazon Web Services clearly wins the game. Even though Azure does have about a third of the market, AWS still stands ahead by more than 10%. According to this graph, over 41.5% of applications and services use Amazon Web Services.

Does AWS or Azure pay more?

In India, You can expect a salary hike of 16% with AWS certification. According to the Global Knowledge report 2021, the average salary of an Azure solution certified expert is $125,980 in the US. And an Azure certified administrator associate’s average salary is $121.420.

Which is better for job opportunities AWS or Azure or GCP?

AWS vs Azure vs GCP: Which cloud is the most valuable to employers? When looking at big-picture, across-all-roles salaries based on public cloud skills, AWS just barely edges out Google Cloud for the highest average salary across jobs, according to PayScale (AWS, GCP, Azure March 2021).

Is Azure overtake AWS?

According to the survey, Azure surpassed AWS in popularity. 80 percent of respondents said they started using Azure, compared to 77 percent for AWS. In the previous year, the scales tipped in favour of AWS.

Is Azure easier than AWS?

Both Azure and AWS can be hard if you’re trying to learn the platform without having a clue about what you’re doing, or it can be very easy if you’re sufficiently guided. However, many IT professionals claim AWS is much easier to learn and to get certified in.

Is Azure good career?

Yes, Microsoft Azure is a good career because of its huge demand in the market and the need for trained and certified Azure Practitioners is also growing rapidly, because the number of people who know Azure is increasing.

Can Azure beat AWS?

With a Microsoft Azure managed service provider, your business’s IT department will benefit from the cost savings of spreading your workload through several cloud service providers. As a result, for companies searching for a hybrid cloud solution, Azure outperforms AWS.