Where to get Khrysalis crafted gear?

Where to get Khrysalis crafted gear?

Kazidan the Keeneye in Sardonyx, Khrysalis has Hat, Robe, Boots and Weapon crafting recipes. You can find her location near Nadezha the Spiceseer.

What crafting quest is after Khrysalis?

Find Oztomeca in Silent Market, Khrysalis. He will assign you the next quest, called “Stop! HammerTail” This quest has you craft one Ornate Burrower Chair. The recipe is available for 45,000 gold.

Where is the Azteca crafting quest?

It requires you to go to Mangrove Marsh and go to a specific spot where Agave Leaves spawn. You will need to teleport to a friend if you haven’t quested up to Mangrove Marsh yet.

What comes after Promethean Crafter wizard101?

The next level is champion crafting.

Where can I buy Avalon crafted gear?

Avalon Crafted Block Boots The Crafting Recipe Vendor, called Shane MacGobhann, can be found inThe Wild, Avalon. Look at your map: the area is labeled Toad Stool Village.

How do you get to sardonyx in wizard101?

One of the teleporters in Silent Market can take you to Sardonyx. This link shows you a map of Silent Market. On the left side you will see a what appears to be an Orb above Zeke. There are several portals in that pool to take you to various areas.

How do you become a grandmaster crafter in wizard101?

Re: Grandmaster Crafter? You need to have achieved master artisan, then talk to pierce stanson for the quest. When you recieve this quest, you will automatically get the recipe.

Where is koyote Ghostmane?

Koyate Ghostmane is the main Recipe Vendor in Zafaria. Koyate moved to Baobab to open a crafting shop, but needs help recovering his stolen supplies. After recovering them, he disappears from the Baobab Crossroads to take up his permanent location in the west area of Baobab Market.

Who sells transmute agave nectar?

If you’re a Legendary Crafter, you cannot buy it yet. You can only buy the Transmute Agave Nectar at Transcended Crafter rank. It’s sort of a catch 22. You cannot buy the recipe until you get your Azteca crafting badge.

How do you become a transcendent crafter in wizard101?

If you can’t find your Crafting Station anymore, buy a new one from a Furniture Vendor in the Spiral. The Furniture Shop in Jade Palace in Mooshu sells it, for example. Afterwards, head back to Three Points in Azteca to talk with Oztomeca. He will give you the Transcendent Crafter badge.