Where is Topo athletic located?

Where is Topo athletic located?

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Topo was founded in 2013 but the story really began over 30 years ago on a track in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Is Topo a good brand?

Topo Athletic as a company continues to impress, offering well-built and durable shoes that are simple and functional in their design. If you’re looking for an excellent-fitting shoe with a wide toebox, dialed-in fit, and a moderate drop, I would recommend giving one of their models a try.

Do Topo shoes run small?

Do Topos run “true to size”? Topos are ergonomically designed to follow the natural shape of the foot – secure through the mid-foot and heel, with plenty of room for the toes to spread. Topos run true to size and we recommend trying your usual athletic shoe size when trying Topos for the first time.

Who makes Topo?

Tony Post
This week we introduce to you Tony Post, Founder of Topo Athletic, an innovative running shoe company that launched in 2013. Tony harnessed over 30 years of industry knowledge and competitive running experience to create a company with a range of shoes to work efficiently with a runner’s mechanics.

Is Topo Athletic a good brand?

“It’s a softer, springy, flexible kind of ride, so if that’s what you’re looking for it’ll be a great daily trainer.” “Topo has created a great hiking, fast packing, and high top trail run option at a relatively light weight for its substance.”

Are Topo shoes good for Overpronation?

The Topo Athletic UltraFly running shoe has a low heel-toe offset for more midfoot or forefoot running styles. It has built in stability for mild overpronation.

Is Hoka arahi good for plantar fasciitis?

I highly recommend HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 2 women’s running shoes if you need the stability and cushion like I do. If you’ve struggled with heel pain caused from plantar fasciitis, don’t give up on exercise yet. Try HOKA ONE ONE shoes and look for the cushion that works for your feet.

Are Topo shoes vegan?

Topo Athletic often gets asked about which of their shoes are vegan-friendly. Here’s their answer: We do not use any latex or animal products as materials or adhesives for our Vegan models. The Rekovr is our only non-Vegan model, made using an ethically sourced wool/poly blend.