Where are cherries grown in BC?

Where are cherries grown in BC?

95% of the cherries grown in Canada are grown in British Columbia (BC). There are three regions blessed with ideal growing conditions: The Okanagan Valley, the Similkameen Valley, and the Creston Valley.

Are BC cherries ready yet?

The fruit-picking season typically begins at the end of June/beginning of July, with cherries being the first fruit available to pick. The season is finished by the end of October, with apples being the last fruit available.

Where does Canada get its cherries from?

There are about 5,000 acres of sweet cherries in British Columbia today. Most of them are grown near Okanagan Lake, a long, skinny body of water within the Okanagan Valley, a region known for its dry, sunny climate. Okanagan Lake moderates surrounding temperatures, allowing cherries to be grown so far north.

What kind of cherries are grown in BC?

Kelowna Fruit: A Guide to Cherries in the Okanagan

  • The Different Cherry Types. The Okanagan has the ability to produce many different kinds of cherries.
  • Rainier Cherries. These large, sweet cherries are a local favourite.
  • Van Cherries.
  • Bing Cherries.
  • Santina Cherries.
  • Skeena Cherries.
  • Sweetheart Cherries.
  • Lapin Cherries.

Where do the best cherries come from?

Washington, California and Oregon are the primary sweet cherry producing states, accounting for almost 90 percent of the quantity produced nationwide. The primary tart cherry producing state is Michigan, accounting for nearly 74 percent of tart cherry production (NASS, 2020).

Can you grow cherries on Vancouver Island?

Cherries do particularly well in areas that receive less rainfall, like the Okanogan region of British Columbia. Cherries can be a challenge to grow in the wet, rainy Metro Vancouver area.

What B.C. fruit is in season?

Another View of the Harvest Calendar for British Columbia

Tree fruit
Typical Harvest Dates
Apples August 15 – October 30
Apricots July 20 – August 10
Cherries July 1 – August 1

Does Quebec grow cherries?

Cherry history and culture technique We can’t grow sweet cherries in the Quebec since they need a warmer temperature, so we choosed cherry trees that can withstand a temperature as low as -35o Celsius.

Can you grow cherries in Canada?

Most sweet cherry production in Canada is in British Columbia, which had 75% of the area devoted to sweet cherries in 2006. Ontario had most of the rest of sweet cherry area in Canada, with 384 hectares in 2006.

What is the sweetest cherry variety?

But if you want to know which cherries are the sweetest of the sweetest, that would be any of the black cherries. Bing cherries are the leader of this pack, along with their siblings Lambert, Chelan, Sweetheart, and Tulare. You can recognize them by their dark color and heart shape.

What is the Cherry Capital of the world?

Traverse City, Michigan
The ultimate celebration of cherries is the National Cherry Festival. It’s held every year in July in the “Cherry Capital of the World”-Traverse City, Michigan.