What show is before Young Justice?

What show is before Young Justice?

Young Justice (2010-2013; 2019-present) Green Lantern: The Animated Series (2012-2013) Teen Titans Go! (2013-present)

What’s the difference between Young Justice and Young Justice outsiders?

Young Justice: Outsiders is the title of the third season of Young Justice, preceded by Young Justice: Invasion, and it is comprised of 26 episodes and one AudioPlay. Young Justice: Outsiders was announced on November 7, 2016 after years of online fan activism for the series to be renewed.

Is Young Justice Coming back in 2021?

A new trailer posted to Twitter officially confirms the return of Young Justice: Phantoms season 4 from hiatus. The show has been on hiatus since December 2021 and will officially be returning for the spring.

Do I need to watch anything before Teen Titans?

While you don’t need to read any of the Teen Titans-related DC Comics runs or memorize their on-screen character cards to follow along with the show, watching and reading affiliated media can help you get hyped for the series plus get acquainted with each character’s canon personalities.

Who is the current Robin?

Tim Drake
In current continuity as of 2021, Dick Grayson serves as Nightwing, Jason Todd is the Red Hood, Stephanie Brown is Batgirl, and Tim Drake has picked up the mantle of Robin again after a stint as Red Robin. Damian has left behind the title Robin, but remains the title character of the Robin comic book.

Who is the girl at the end of Justice League vs Titans?

Tara Markov (DC Animated Film Universe)

Tara Markov
Alias(es) Terra
Appeared in Justice League vs. Teen Titans Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
Status Deceased
Actor Christina Ricci

Is the show Titans canon?

In the latest issue of Nightwing, Teen Titans Go! was just confirmed as being canon in the main Prime Earth DC Universe. In the comic, Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon are seen wearing their pajamas in bed, with the heroine sporting a Teen Titans Go! T-shirt, while the former Robin wears Batman PJ pants.