What material is A2 stainless steel?

What material is A2 stainless steel?

A2 stainless steel is often referred to as 304 or 18/8 Stainless. 18/8 actually refers to the amount of chromium and nickel in the alloy – 18% chromium and 8% nickel. A2 (304, 18/8) is an austenitic steel and is non-magnetic. The chromium provides a corrosion and oxidation resistance, however it can tarnish.

What is A2 stainless steel bolt?

DIN/ISO A2 Stainless Steel Is A Corrosion Resistant Steel; It Is Also Known As ASTM-304. A2 / ASTM-304 Is An 18/8 Stainless Steel : This Designates A Metallurgical Content Of 18% Chromium & 8% Nickel. A Bolt Marked A2-70 Is A 304 Stainless Steel Bolt With A 700 N/mm2 Tensile Strength (See Below Table).

What is Class 50 stainless steel?

If there is no marking it should be assumed the product is Class 50 (minimum tensile strength of 500 MPa). If a stainless steel fastener with a higher tensile strength is required there are some products available in Class 80, these are usually produced in grade 316 stainless steel.

What does A2 mean on bolt?

A2 stainless steel fixings are made from an alloy containing a mixture of two or more metals. The steel within the fixing must contain at least 10.5% chromium to be considered or called stainless, and this chromium makes the metal more corrosion resistant and less likely to stain than other steels.

What is better A2 or A4 stainless?

A2 vs A4 stainless steel strength Whereas grade A4 is stronger than grade A2, and its tensile properties are almost similar to alloy steel grade 8.8.

How strong is A2 bolt?

700 n/mm2
A2-70 Stainless Steel Fastener is recognized by 2 ways, A2 which describe it as being from SS 304 family and 70 which classifies its strength. When we say A2-70 it generally means that the bolt / screw is from SS 304 grade and has an ultimate tensile strength as 70 kg or 700 n/mm2.

What is better A2 or a4 stainless?

How strong is A2 stainless steel bolt?