What length of touring skis do I need?

What length of touring skis do I need?

Touring skis should be 5-15cm less than the skier’s height. Touring ski length is a balance between lightweight maneuverability on the way up and stability on the way down. Freeride skis should be at least the skier’s height and can easily be 5-15cm longer for skilled skiers.

How long should ski touring skis be?

10 to 20cm under your height is about right. In general, tall or big skiers will have skis arouns 160cm, shorter skiers will stick with 150cm lengths. If you like climbing on the side of groomed slopes, you can add a few centimeters in order to gain comfort and stability on the downhill.

Should touring skis be longer or shorter?

In general, we advise our customers to size alpine touring skis a bit shorter than a alpine resort ski. This helps reduce the overall setup weight for uphill travel and allows you to have more maneuverability while skiing in variable backcountry conditions.

How tall should my skis be calculator?

Ski Size Chart

height in feet-inches height in centimeters suggested ski lengths
5’0″ 152 135-155
5’2″ 158 145-165
5’4″ 163 150-170
5’6″ 168 155-175

How long should Skimo skis be?

For racing, there is a rule that men’s skis have to be at least 160cm long while women’s can be 10cm shorter. You should be looking for skis weighing less then 900-1000g/ski and not wider than about 68mm (ideally 64-66mm) since all racing skins are manufactured for those widths.

What skis for touring?

Backcountry Ski Comparison Table

Ski Price Dimensions
Moment Wildcat Tour $799 141-116-131mm
Armada Tracer 98 $700 132-98-123mm
Black Crows Navis Freebird $830 138-102-119mm
K2 Wayback 96 $700 128-96-115mm

Can you cross-country ski with touring skis?

Backcountry Touring – Backcountry touring skis are made to handle the toughest of cross-country terrain. Wider and heavier than light touring skis, these skis also have a metal edge that adds stability on harder and deeper snow.

How are touring skis different?

In general, touring skis will be lighter than their resort counterparts, but how much lighter is dependent on the quiver slot they fall into.