What kind of knife do you use for cutting cheese?

What kind of knife do you use for cutting cheese?

A cheddar knife, also known as a mini cleaver, cheddar cleaver, or semi-hard cheese knife, is made to cut hard cheeses. The wide blade and cleaver shape allows the cutter to use force and balance to push downward and cut slices.

Is a cheese knife worth it?

In addition to making it easier to slice, cheese knives also give you more aesthetically-pleasing slices. If you want to prepare a nice-looking holiday cheese board, for example, a cheese knife set will help you. In short, you can cut any kind of cheese with any knife, and it will taste just as good.

What do you use to cut cheese?

Since soft cheeses are often sticky, the soft cheese knife (sometimes called the open blade knife) is filled with holes to reduce the space for soft and semi-soft cheeses to stick to. Yet, its blade is sharp for slicing into gooey cheeses with bloomy rinds, like Brie, Camembert or chevre.

Do you need a special knife to cut cheese?

Cheese knives are not necessary, but investing in a soft cheese knife specifically can be beneficial. While traditional knives will suffice, cheese knives are best for maintaining each cheese’s structural integrity and consistency. They are a helpful tool in the kitchen for cheese lovers.

Why are there holes in cheese knives?

According to Bos, “The holes ensure less contact with the cheese meaning the blade doesn’t stick to the cheese, making it easier to cut and create more presentable pieces.” Bos also added that this knife (and the remaining two basic knives) have a forked tip, which allows you to hand a piece of cheese to someone …

Do cheese knives need to be sharp?

“You need a sharp, wide blade to easily cut into a hard cheese,” he says. “This knife is great to use when cutting Asiago, Manchego, and Parmesan cheeses.”

How do you cut hard cheese?

Luckily, breaking down blocks of cheese is easy to do with a chef’s knife or skeleton knife. Simply slice the cheese into eighth-inch-thick planks, cutting those planks into smaller rectangles as needed. You can also cut rectangular-shaped slices diagonally in half to create triangles.

How can I cut cheese without a slicer?

Using A Plain-Edge Knife (Not Serrated)

  1. Hold your cheese firmly against a wooden chopping block.
  2. Curl your fingers and line up your knife.
  3. Softly begin slicing through the cheese. If it’s larger and tougher you can slice more firmly, and bring the knife back and forth as you go.