What is U turn RockShox?

What is U turn RockShox?

RockShox’s U-Turn system allows you to adjust the fork’s travel without changing the spring rate. Screwed down to 110mm (4.3in) travel, it feels like a burly short travel fork, but when released to its full 140mm (5.5in), it’s a bump swallowing beast. The 426 features Motion Control damping and rebound adjustment.

What is the difference between RockShox Lyrik and Pike?

While the RockShox Lyrik might look similar to the Pike – it does share the same 35mm diameter upper legs – but it’s made for much more aggressive riding, with a beefed-up, stiffer and accordingly heavier chassis.

Is RockShox Lyrik boost?

The RockShox Lyrik Select Plus Boost Fork is for the roughest enduro terrains on Earth and comes equipped with a DebonAir spring, a Charger 2.1 RC damper and ultra-low friction SKF wiper seals for outstanding responsiveness and control.

Can you lock out RockShox Lyrik?

The Lyrik is also available with an RCT3 damper, with low-speed compression and lockout modes. The Lyrik chassis has remained unchanged for years and boasts among the best tyre clearance in the business.

How much travel does the RockShox Lyrik have?


Features Available options Adjustments: low- and high-speed compression, low-speed rebound, air spring pressure and volume spacers Travel: 140-180mm (27.5” and 29”), travel change requires separate air shaft Offset: 37, 44 or 46mm (27.5”) / 42, 44 or 51mm (29”)
Stanchion diameter 35mm
Travel 170mm
Wheel size 29in/700c

Which is better Yari or pike?

Yes the Pike has the better damper, but with 3 x bottomless tokens in it, the Yari feels more supple off the top and ramps up nicely. When I bought the Yari I was actually toying with the idea of a Yari or a Lyric.

What is the difference between RC2 and RCT3?

RCT3 gives you “open”, “trail” and “almost locked out” low speed compression presets, plus a fine LSC adjust on open mode. RC2 doesn’t have those three presets but gives you 5 clicks of high speed compression adjustment.

Are RockShox Lyrik good?

The RockShox Lyrik is a sublime performer. While it is a little stiffer than the FOX 36, the difference is hard to notice on the trail. However, it’s the easier fork to set up and offers almost identical performance, while dramatically undercutting the FOX on price.

How many clicks of rebound does Lyrik ultimate have?

RC simply stands for Rebound Compression, and RC2 indicates there are 2 forms of Rebound Compression (Low and high speed dials). The Charger 2.1 RC2 on Lyrik Ultimate forks has a high-speed compression dial with 20 clicks of adjustment.