What is the richest part of Omaha?

What is the richest part of Omaha?

1. Aksarben/Elmwood Park. The most expensive neighborhood in the city with an average rent of $1,259, the historic Aksarben/Elmwood Park area sits west of downtown in an old-school part of town.

What is the main street in Omaha?

The South Omaha Main Street Historic District is located along South 24th Street between M and O Streets in South Omaha, Nebraska….

South Omaha Main Street Historic District
Coordinates 41°12′35″N 95°56′49″WCoordinates: 41°12′35″N 95°56′49″W
Area 12.9 acres (5.2 ha)

Is Omaha a rough city?

According to crime statistics released by the FBI, Omaha’s rate of violent crimes per 100,000 residents has been lower than the average rates of three dozen cities of similar size. Omaha’s rate of violent crime was 601.1 in 2005, compared to 995.6 for cities with populations from 250,000 to 500,000.

Where should I not live in Omaha NE?

North and South Omaha – The area with the worst reputation is North Omaha. There are a lot of boarded-up windows, bars over windows and decaying buildings. Crime is prominent in parts of this area and it has the highest concentration of violent crime, much of it associated with gang violence.

Where do the rich people live in Omaha?

Most expensive Omaha neighborhoods

  • Linden Park / Lindenwood.
  • Regency.
  • Fairacres / University of Nebraska at Omaha.
  • The Ridges.
  • Old Loveland / Indian Hills Village.
  • Old Market.
  • Oakdale North.
  • Downtown / Creighton University.

What is downtown Omaha called?

Gateway to the West

Downtown Omaha
Nickname(s): Gateway to the West, the Big O
Coordinates: 41°15′30″N 95°56′31″WCoordinates: 41°15′30″N 95°56′31″W
Country United States
State Nebraska

What percentage of Omaha is black?

According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Omahawas: White: 77.47% Black or African American: 12.32% Asian: 3.84%

What is the safest part of Omaha?

Located within 30 minutes of Downtown Omaha, West Omaha is one of the safest neighborhoods in the city! The area is known for its dense suburban feel populated with spacious single-family homes, neighborhood parks, malls, and restaurants.

Who built Omaha?

Omaha was founded in 1854 in an area that had been visited by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark in 1804 on their exploratory journey to the Pacific coast and where the pioneer fur trader Manuel Lisa established a trading post during the War of 1812.