What is the density of carbon black?

What is the density of carbon black?

Carbon black

Density at 20°C kg/m3 1700 to 1900
Solubility in water at 25°C g/l insoluble
NFPA classification Health 1

What is the feedstock for carbon black?

Carbonblack Feedstock is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons produced as the residual fraction of distillation products from a catalytic cracking process. It consists of hydrocarbons having carbon numbers predominantly greater than twenty carbons and boiling above 662 F.

What is HAF carbon black?

Carbon black N330 is used in the tread compound, cord fabric compound, inner tire and industrial compounds. Carbon black N330 has good re-inforcement, resulting in good tensile properties, crack resistance, abrasion and elasticity.

What is the composition of carbon black?

Carbon Black typically contains more than 95 % pure carbon with minimal quantities of oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. In the manufacturing process, Carbon Black particles are for- med that range from 10 nm to approximately 500 nm in size.

What is SRF carbon black?

REGAL® SRF carbon black is a pelleted carbon black in the class known as Semi- Reinforcing Furnace (SRF) carbon blacks and conforms to ASTM N772 carbon black target values. REGAL® SRF carbon black has a lower surface area than ASTM N500 and N600 carbon blacks and a structure lower than ASTM N774 carbon black.

What is carbons density?


atomic number 6
boiling point 4,827 °C (8,721 °F)
diamond 3.52 g/cm3
graphite 2.25 g/cm3

Why is carbon black used in tires?

Carbon black protects the tire from the damaging effects of UV light and ozone, two known elements that contribute to the deterioration of the tire. And because carbon black makes the tire stronger, it leads to a more reliable drive. This, in turn, keeps the driver of the car safer.

What is carbon black cybersecurity?

Carbon Black is a premier endpoint security tool that provides ransomware and malware protection while facilitating threat hunting and incident response. It has the same power as the premium tools without the premium price tag.

Who is the largest producer of black carbon?

China is a major contributor to the production of black carbon. China is also the world’s largest exporter of black carbon. This dominance of China in the carbon black production and export has made the Asia pacific to be the major region in the carbon black market.

Is carbon black a VOC?

The particulate matter is carbon black. comprising the nonmethane VOC emissions are included in Table 6.1-2.