Recommendations What is taught in the hidden curriculum?

What is taught in the hidden curriculum?

What is taught in the hidden curriculum?

Hidden curriculum refers to the unwritten, unofficial, and often unintended lessons, values, and perspectives that students learn in school. Cultural expectations: The academic, social, and behavioral expectations established by schools and educators communicate messages to students.

What are the stages in curriculum implementation?

The curriculum implementation process can be divided into four phases: Planning, Content and Methods, Implementation, and Evaluation and Reporting.

How do you evaluate a curriculum?

To be considered an evaluation, a curriculum evaluation study had to:

  1. Focus primarily on one of the curriculum programs or compare two or more curriculum programs under review;
  2. Use a methodology recognized by the fields of mathematics education, mathematics, or evaluation; and.

What is the example of hidden curriculum?

Hidden curriculum consists of concepts informally and often unintentionally taught in our school system. Social expectations of gender, language, behavior, or morals are examples of this. The results of hidden curricula in schools filter out into society as students grow into adults.

What is an official curriculum?

The official curriculum can be simply defined by the way curriculum itself has been traditionally understood: as the course of study, body of courses, or program of training at a school or university.

What is null or censored curriculum?

The Null Curriculum is that which is not taught. Sometimes the teacher ignores some content or skill, deliberately or unknowingly. A teacher may consider some idea unimportant and ignore it.

Which is the best example of the hidden curriculum?

Examples of things taught through the ‘hidden curriculum include:

  • respecting authority.
  • respect for other pupils’ opinions.
  • punctuality.
  • aspiring to achieve.
  • having a ‘work ethic’

Who are the implementers of curriculum?

“Teachers are the most crucial persons in the implementation of a curriculum.” •“Teachers shape the school curriculum by sharing the experiences that they have and the resources they are capable of giving or imparting to the learners.” 11.