What is Sahara company?

What is Sahara company?

Sahara India Real Estate Company and the Sahara Housing Investment Corporation, subsidiaries of the conglomerate, buy and develop land for residential housing projects across India. The company has its projects spread in almost all over India.

Is Sahara a chit fund company?

Sahara Chits Private Limited is a Non-govt company, incorporated on 26 Aug, 1998.

How do I check my Sahara account?

Visit the official website of Sahara India Life at https://www.saharalife.com/ On the top right corner of the homepage, you can find the button customer’s login. Once you click on this button, a new page will open requesting your username and password.

Who owns Sahara India?

Subrata Roy
Roy was named among the 10 Most Powerful People of India in 2012 by India Today….

Subrata Roy
Occupation Founder and Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar
Years active 1978 – present
Spouse(s) Swapna Roy
Children 2

Who is the owner of Sahara?

Sahara Group Chief Subrata Roy Must Pay Rs. 62,600 Crore To Stay Out Of Jail: Regulator SEBI.

How do I claim my Sahara money from SEBI?

Self attested copy of first page of the bank passbook or cancelled cheque leaf (Refund amount will be credited to your bank account as per copy of passbook / cheque leaf). Application for Refund along with all the requisite documents shall be submitted to: Securities and Exchange Board of India, SEBI Bhavan, Plot No.

Can I withdraw money from Sahara India?

You can withdraw some money and create a new fd with us. Since they are not in position to refund money now and after 10 years their office may be disappear so we have not renewed our mature amount.

Why is Sahara not giving money?

Sahara Group on Wednesday said it is unreasonable to ask it to deposit more money as funds worth Rs 24,000 crore are lying unutilised with markets regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for the last nine years and it was hurting the business interests of the group.