What is near total laryngectomy?

What is near total laryngectomy?

Near-total laryngectomy is a voice-preserving procedure which can be considered as an alternative to total laryngectomy for selected patients with lateralised, locally advanced cancers of the larynx and hypopharynx.

Is hyoid bone removed in total laryngectomy?

Total laryngectomy (TL) involves the removal of the hyoid bone, thyroid cartilage, strap muscles, epiglottis, cricoid cartilage, and upper two or three tracheal rings, which results in the complete diversion of the airway to the neck and creation of a tracheostoma (Fig. 17.7).

What are complications of total laryngectomy?

Complications after laryngectomy such as pharyngocutaneous fistula, wound infection, chyle leak, swallowing, and airway problems have a significant impact on morbidity causing prolonged hospitalization and, inevitably, increased health care costs.

How is a total laryngectomy performed?

Total laryngectomy is the surgical procedure in which the larynx is totally removed and the airway is interrupted, respiration being performed through a tracheal stoma resulting from bringing the trachea to the skin in the lower, anterior, cervical area.

What is the difference between tracheostomy and laryngectomy?

A tracheostomy is a surgical opening to access the tracheal lumen with the entire larynx remaining intact (D). In contrast, after total laryngectomy, the trachea is brought to the skin as a stoma, which no longer has any anatomical connection with the oropharyngeal cavity and digestive tract (C).

What is removed in a laryngectomy?

Laryngectomy is the removal of all or part of the voice box (larynx). The voice box is in the neck and contains the vocal cords. It also helps you swallow and breathe. After surgery, the area around the cut (incision) may be swollen or bruised.

What is the difference between a laryngectomy and a tracheostomy?

How serious is a laryngectomy?

Why is laryngectomy done? Removing the larynx is a serious yet necessary treatment for people who: have cancer of the larynx. have sustained severe injury to the neck, such as a gunshot wound.

Where is a laryngectomy performed?

A laryngectomy procedure is performed in a hospital under general anesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision in the neck to expose the area, providing a full view of the larynx.