What is dark field tracking?

What is dark field tracking?

Darkfield Laser Tracking provides precise cursor control on virtually any surface – even glass1. Darkfield is derived from the principles of dark field microscopy, which is used in laboratories around the world to detect the most difficult-to-see particles.

Is laser tracking better than optical?

Optical mice have a resolution of around 3,000 dpi, while laser mice have a resolution between 6,000 and 15,000+ dpi. Since laser mice have a higher dpi, these devices track more dots per inch and are more sensitive. This may have been an issue in the past, but the average user probably can’t tell the difference.

Does BlueTrack work on glass?

Microsoft’s BlueTrack mice are designed to work on any surface—well any surface except glass or mirrors.

Is there a mouse that works on glass?

1 of 2 | The Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX with DarkField Laser Tracking can be used on glass surfaces. Optical mice usually have trouble tracking not only on glass, but on most any surface that’s extremely smooth or highly glossy such as lacquered surfaces.

Is BlueTrack better than laser?

BlueTrack works much better than the laser mouse on clear glass, but it still isn’t a good experience. The 4000’s box specifically says that it works on carpet.

What is Microsoft BlueTrack?

A proprietary tracking technology from Microsoft that lets you use a mouse on virtually any surface, excluding clear glass and mirrored surfaces.

What is BlueTrack technology vs laser?

The all new BlueTrack technology uses an improved optical architecture that generates a wider beam of light on the lower side of the mouse. This light enables the Microsoft’s Explorer mouse to cover more surface and give it the capability to support almost any surface, which even a laser mouse cannot support.

What surface does a laser mouse work best on?

non-glossy surfaces
Optical mice work best on non-glossy surfaces and mouse pads, a laser mouse can function well on just about any glossy or non-glossy surface. Most of the time, the easiest solution is the best one.