What is Corsa Captains Call exhaust?

What is Corsa Captains Call exhaust?

With CORSA’s Captains Call™ Diverter Systems you can enjoy the open water sound and performance of an open thru-hull exhaust system and still be a quiet neighbor in the marina. Exhaust flow can be routed through the transom for open water running or through the prop with the simple flip of a helm-mounted switch.

Can you put thru hull exhaust on a boat?

THRU HULL. The most cost effective exhaust option is a full time thru-hull system. This system allows the exhaust to exit full time through the transom or side hull with out any control over the exhaust flow or sound.

What is the loudest Corsa exhaust?

CORSA Exhaust offers 3 levels of sound: XTREME – their loudest offering for those who want the loudest baddest sounding system out there with an aggressive tone, CORSA’s SPORT systems for their mid sound level is a great alternative for customers who want an aggressive sounding unique exhaust but who do not necessarily …

How much is a Captains call exhaust kit?

Option: Part Number: Price:
Straight Back 270-13091 MSRP: $1,376.00 Your Price: $1,249.99 You Save: 9% off MSRP!
Side Exit 270-13092 MSRP: $1,600.00 Your Price: $1,459.99 You Save: 9% off MSRP!

Is Corsa exhaust loud?

Sometimes that helps the sound a little. I’ve said it before, the Corsa Xtreme is a gentleman’s exhaust. It’s not to loud at idle, no drone, and roars when you hit it. It is very refined and well matched to the car.

What’s the loudest exhaust for a Mustang GT?

7 Top Best Loudest Mustang GT Exhausts Reviews

Flowmaster 17410 Axle-Back Exhaust System 8.8
MBRP S7277BLK 3 Cat Back Dual Split Rear Street Version Exhaust System 8.6
5.0 Roush Axle Back Exhaust 8.2
Borla 11890 ATAK Axle-Back Exhaust System 8

Why do boats inject water into exhaust?

Water-cooled inboard engines inject cooling water into the exhaust pipe, which cools the exhaust and muffles engine noise. The exhaust then pushes the water out the exhaust pipe.

Is Corsa a good exhaust system?

High-Performance Exhaust Systems, Mufflers, Cold Air Intakes & Headers. With decades of experience, CORSA PERFORMANCE exhaust systems have become the gold standard among automotive enthusiasts.