What is considered the main line?

What is considered the main line?

Today, the “Main Line” is another name for the western suburbs of Philadelphia along Lancaster Avenue (U.S. Route 30) and the former main line of the Pennsylvania Railroad (including its branch line to Manayunk) and extending from the city limits to, traditionally, Bryn Mawr and ultimately Paoli, an area of about 200 …

Why do they call it the Main Line?

The moniker “Main Line” refers to the Pennsylvania Railroad train line that was built in the area beginning around the 1850s. Originally, many of the small towns were founded by prominent Philadelphia families who built summer homes “away from the city” but who used the newly built railroad to travel back and forth.

Is radnor the Main Line?

Radnor. Established in 1686 at the Radnor Friends Meetinghouse, Radnor is a Main Line community bordering Villanova, Wayne, and Gladwyn.

What towns are considered the Main Line?

Depending on whom you ask, Philadelphia’s Main Line always includes Ardmore, Bala Cynwyd, Bryn Mawr, Gladwyne, Haverford, Merion, Narberth, Penn Valley and Wynnewood.

Is Bryn Mawr the Main Line?

Located just outside Philadelphia, in the heart of the Main Line, Bryn Mawr Hospital is located just off Lancaster Avenue, close to downtown Bryn Mawr.

Whats it like living in the Main Line?

Residents enjoy very easy access to Center City but a suburban atmosphere with plenty of space and natural beauty like the Merion Botanical Park. The main commercial area along Montgomery Avenue features stone homes and tree-lined streets with smaller shopping and dining options.

What towns are considered Main Line?

Where does the Philly accent come from?

Given the city’s geographical location, the actual features of the Philadelphia accent seem to borrow from both North and South: *Like New York City Accents, Philadelphia English features a raised pronunciation of words like thought and coffee (“kaw-fee” or IPA kɔəfi).