What is caulophyllum used for in homeopathy?

What is caulophyllum used for in homeopathy?

Caulophyllum is used either to induce labor or augment labor if uterine contractions are short and irregular or when uterine contractions stop. Caulophyllum and cimicifuga are both indicated for dysfunctional uterine contractions and are thought to help initiate a coordinated and effective contraction pattern.

How do you use caulophyllum?

Caulophyllum 30 C is a homeopathic remedy that can be taken from 37-38 weeks to encourage labour. A common dose for Caulophyllum 30 C is 1 tablet 3 times per day for 4 days, take 3 days off, and then repeat for another 4 days.

What is caulophyllum 30c?

Dorwest Caulophyllum 30c helps during whelping and kittening and quickly increases contractions and aids delivery for dogs and cats. Benefits of Caulophyllum 30c: Fast acting to help contractions strengthen, during birth giving. Takes out the fear of certain complications with signs of slowing down contractions.

When should I take caulophyllum during pregnancy?

Most homeopaths will recommend to their pregnant clients to take Caulophyllum either in the morning from 39 weeks, supported by various midwifery / birthing books, or taken before bed to stimulate labour overnight.

What is the use of causticum 200?

Information about SBL Causticum Dilution 200 CH The drug works very well to soothe the lymph glands, sinusitis and hypotension. It has a lot of mental benefits and helps against nervous tension and increases concentration. Ailments related to head, eyes, nose and abdomen is treated using it.

What is gelsemium good for?

Gelsemium is used as a painkiller for migraine headaches and for face pain (trigeminal neuralgia) caused by certain facial nerves. It is also used for asthma and other breathing problems.

Is Eveprim effective?

Does it work? According to American Family Physician, evening primrose oil may help the cervix soften and efface (thin out). Other studies suggest that it can help shorten labor duration. This is due to linolenic acid found in EPO, which may trigger a prostaglandin response in the body.

How can I soften my cervix naturally?

Try standing with your hips over your ankles (instead of pushing out your belly), and don’t slouch when sitting. Try a Birthing Ball: Rocking, bouncing, and rotating your hips on a birthing ball also opens the pelvis, and it may speed up cervical dilation. Walk Around: Don’t underestimate the power of gravity!

What is Causticum good for?

Causticum is marketed to help treat children with bedwetting at night. In 2014, researchers in India began recruiting for a clinical trial to assess the use of causticum in children with primary enuresis (bed-wetting since infancy).