What is a small lot Brisbane City Council?

What is a small lot Brisbane City Council?

Brisbane City Plan 2014 defines a small lot as a lot that has an area: less than 450 square metres. less than 600 square metres (excluding the driveway) if a rear lot.

What is the minimum land size for subdivision in Queensland?

a lot with an area less than 450 square metres. a rear lot with an area less than 600 square metres, excluding the access way.

What is the minimum lot size Brisbane?

The requirements are quite variable depending on the site’s zoning. For example in the Low Density Residential Zone generally the smallest lot allowed is 400 square metres and the rear lot must be at least 600 square metres.

How close to the boundary can I build a house Qld?

Generally, the proposed buildings must be: 3m or 4m from all road boundaries – this will change depending on the type of street that you are building in, 1.5m from side and rear boundaries, a maximum of 50% of the site covered with roofed area.

Can I subdivide my land Qld?

Yes, you will need to lodge a development application with Council to subdivide your land. In many instances, your application may be subject to a straight-forward assessment process (code assessment) or impact assessment, where public notification (opportunity for public comment) is also part of the process.

What is the minimum frontage for subdivision Brisbane?

Before you purchase, ensure you double check the advertised lot sizes with Brisbane City Council and your surveyor. Ideally, the street frontage of the combined properties should be at least 20 metres wide to accommodate two blocks, or at least 10 metres width.

Can you subdivide rural land Qld?

Subdividing land is defined as Reconfiguring a lot. Provided that the subdivision is not Prohibited development, all subdivisions require a Council approval. The South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017 (the regional plan) separates the SEQ Region into three Land Use Categories.