What is a pile driving shoe?

What is a pile driving shoe?

They are used in situations where final pile lengths need to be longer than what could otherwise be reasonably handled and delivered, or in low head room applications. Shoes and points protect the ends of piles, ease installation and, in the case of pipe, prevent soil intrusion so the pipe can be filled with concrete.

What do you mean by Pile Foundation?

A pile foundation is defined as a series of columns constructed or inserted into the ground to transmit loads to a lower level of subsoil. A pile is a long cylinder made up of a strong material, such as concrete. Piles are pushed into the ground to act as a steady support for structures built on top of them.

How is pile spacing calculated?

For piles founded on rock, the minimum center-to-center spacing is 2 times the average pile diameter, or 1.75 times the diagonal dimension of the pile cross section, but not less than 24 inches. An optimum spacing of 3 times the diameter of the pile is often used.

What are the advantages of pile foundation?

Main advantages of pile foundation are high load capacities and corrosion resistance. And there is a disadvantage of piles foundations also acids that can damage the concretes and may occur salt water reactions. If there is soil on it we cannot keep the building vaccinated on it, so the pile foundation is used.

What is the minimum length of pile?

Minimum dept of pile foundation is 2.5 m and it goes upto any length between 20–25m also but depends on the type of pile and soil strata at founding level.

What is the minimum distance between piles?

The end bearing piles that are used in compressible soils must be spaced at a minimum of 2.5d and a spacing of 3.5d(Maximum)for those piles placed on less compressible or stiff clay soil. The Indian Road Congress specifies a minimum spacing of 3d or a distance equal to pile perimeter for the friction piles.

How many piles do I need?

At least three capped piles are needed to ensure stability against lateral forces (with the exception of caisson piles). Capping beams are also suitable for distributing the weight of a load-bearing wall, or of close-centred columns to a line of piles.

What are the disadvantage of piles?

In some cases, Piles can be extremely painful as it further causes oozing of blood and itchiness in anal area. Things can become very difficult for people to carry on with their regular routine life while struggling with piles.

What are the disadvantages of pile foundation?

Disadvantages of Pile Foundation

  • A pile can be damaged quickly by driving through stones and boulders.
  • Piles are can be attacked by marine borers in salt water.
  • A pile cannot be above ground level.
  • It is very difficult to know the actual required length in advance.