What hospitals are under the Alameda Health System?

What hospitals are under the Alameda Health System?

It operates five hospitals (Alameda Hospital, Fairmont Hospital, Highland Hospital, John George Psychiatric Hospital, and San Leandro Hospital), and four primary care medical clinics (called ambulatory Wellness Centers) within the county.

Is Highland Hospital a teaching hospital?

Highland Hospital is a public hospital in Alameda County, Oakland, California. It is operated by the Alameda Health System….Highland Hospital (Oakland, California)

Highland Hospital
Type Teaching
Affiliated university UCSF
Emergency department Level I trauma center

How many beds does Highland Hospital have?

236Highland Hospital Emergency Department / Number of beds

Is Alameda hospital a teaching hospital?

We are in the vanguard of medical excellence, with a teaching hospital that draws the nation’s best medical students.

How many beds does Alameda hospital have?

161Alameda Emergency Care Center / Number of beds

Who owns San Leandro hospital?

San Leandro Hospital has been a part of the San Leandro community for over 50 years and was acquired by AHS in late 2013. The hospital currently has 505 employees, 93 patient beds and has over 30,000 emergency room visits per year. In spring 2018, San Leandro Hospital will break ground on a major renovation project.

How many beds does Alameda Hospital have?

When was Highland Hospital Oakland built?

History. Highland Hospital opened in 1927. The original Spanish baroque style building was designed by Henry Meyers, who also designed the Veterans’ Memorial Building and the entrances to the Posey Tube. The grounds were designed by Howard Gilkey, best remembered for designing the Cleveland Cascade.

How many employees does Alameda Health System have?

Our dedicated credentialing team supports the Alameda Health System and Alameda Hospital Medical Staffs which is approximately over 1000 medical staff members and Allied Health providers collectively.

When was Alameda Hospital built?

Alameda Hospital is a hospital in Alameda, California, United States. The hospital was founded in 1894. Up until 2002, it was a private non-profit hospital. In 2002, Alameda voters approved a $298 per year parcel tax, and the hospital became a district hospital with the formation of the Alameda Health Care District.

Who is the CEO of Alameda Health System?

James Jackson
With more than 30 years in healthcare administration, James Jackson serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Alameda Health System in Alameda County, CA. Prior to this role James was the Chief Operating Officer of Seton Medical Center & Seton Coastside, part of the Verity Healthcare System.

How old is Highland Hospital Oakland?

Highland Hospital opened its doors in 1927 and has been Alameda County’s major source of acute care for low income residents and people without health insurance coverage. It has the county’s busiest Emergency Department, with over 85,000 visits annually.