What happens if a Gaboon viper bites you?

What happens if a Gaboon viper bites you?

Its venom is very toxic for mammals. Victims of a Gaboon viper bite could result in die unless the appropriate antidote is administered timely.

Can you have a Gaboon viper as a pet?

No, gaboon vipers are not good pets. In fact, owning any venomous snake is a bad idea. These snakes, though fairly unaggressive, can be extremely dangerous if they do bite. If bitten, you could die.

Can you survive a Gaboon viper bite?

The bite of the Gaboon Viper with subsequent envenomation is a medical emergency and can be fatal if the patient is not treated appropriately.

How poisonous are gaboon vipers?

With the highest venom yield (the amount of venom held in their venom glands at one time) of all venomous snakes, Gaboon vipers have a deadly bite—yet the number of human fatalities caused by these reptiles is lower than one might expect. This is partly because Gaboon vipers tend to be very calm, slow-moving snakes.

Where can I find a Gaboon viper?

These vipers live in rainforests and wet areas in parts of Central, East and West Africa. They are terrestrial and can be found on the forest floor.

How much is Gaboon viper venom worth?

It’s supply and demand: Some of the most in-demand venom can come at a pretty heavy price. Gaboon viper venom goes for about $130 per gram. It’s an extremely dangerous job that doesn’t come with a paycheck.

What do baby gaboon vipers eat?

A hungry snake will strike at almost any sideways movement, so some bites might well be a result of mistaken identity. At the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, Gaboon vipers eat mice and rats. Females can have 50 to 60 babies at a time. The young are born live.

How painful is a Gaboon viper bite?

In humans, a bite from a Gaboon viper causes rapid and conspicuous swelling, intense pain, severe shock, and local blistering. Other symptoms may include uncoordinated movements, defecation, urination, swelling of the tongue and eyelids, convulsions, and unconsciousness.

What does a Gaboon viper bite feel like?

The symptoms include sharp pain, systemic hemorrhaging, dizziness and nausea, followed by unconsciousness and respiratory paralysis.

How do you keep a Gaboon viper?

A temperature gradient should be provided these snakes. The cool end of the terrarium can be about 76 degrees Fahrenheit and the hot end about 85 degrees. A daytime hot spot of about 92 to 95 degrees should be provided by a basking lamp. Gaboon vipers are active all winter long.