Recommendations What happened to the Tunnel nightclub?

What happened to the Tunnel nightclub?

What happened to the Tunnel nightclub?

Tunnel closed its doors late in 2001 due to non-payment of rent and New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s quality-of-life campaign. Gatien had been accused of drug trafficking, charges he was acquitted of, although he and his wife pleaded guilty to tax evasion and were deported to Canada in 2003.

Who owned limelight?

Amidst financial hardship, Odyssey House sold it to Gatien in 1982. The New York Limelight originally started as a disco and rock club. In the 1990s, it became a prominent place to hear techno, goth, and industrial music.

Why did Peter Gatien wear an eye patch?

Gatien, too, no longer looks quite so swashbuckling, his razor cheekbones now softer, his eye patch (worn since childhood, after he lost an eye in a baseball game in which a broomstick was being used as a bat) now replaced by dark glasses.

Where was Club USA in NYC?

Club USA, the $8 million nightclub-cum-playground that draws crowds of tourists and young New Yorkers each weekend, is to close next month, said its owner, Peter Gatien. Mr. Gatien said he was vacating the space, at 218 West 47th Street, at Broadway, because the building was in foreclosure.

Who owned Sound Factory NYC?

Richard Grant
”Sound Factory drew many customers who came to the club because they perceived that they would be readily able to obtain illegal drugs there,” said a five-count federal indictment of the club’s owner, Richard Grant; its director of security, Ronald Coffiel; and Randell Rogiers, who also worked in security.

Why did Limelight club close?

After repeated closures by the city followed by several attempts by Gatien at reopening—including a rebrand under the name “The Avalon” in 2003, the legal bills proved insurmountable, and Gatien permanently closed the club in 2007. “To go from a place of worship to a place of sin—it’s outrageous and creative.

What club in NYC has a slide?

Slate℠ hosts upscale comedy shows with comfortable bar and lounge seating, live events and music performances in the energetic nightclub. Slate offers 16,000 square feet of dynamic space over two floors with a option to slide down to our game level via our brand new 20 foot slide!