What happened to Harry Osborn in Amazing Spider-Man 2?

What happened to Harry Osborn in Amazing Spider-Man 2?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (video game) During a party at night with Fisk, he was targeted by a Russian’s assassin who disguised as a bartender to poison Harry to death, but luckily his best friend Peter secretly noticed about the bartender as he bumps into to him by “accident” to save Harry from being killed.

Why is there no post credit scene in The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

If we had to wager a guess, it is most likely that the scene was cut because it hinted too explicitly at future stories, or because it no longer applied once the plan had changed. It’s possible that, like Mary Jane Watson’s role in ASM2, it was cut due to an already sizable cast and variety of themes.

Why did Harry Osborn become Green Goblin Amazing Spider-Man 2?

The sequel saw Harry Osborn transform into the Green Goblin during a desperate attempt to cure his genetic illness. Upon donning the Green Goblin gear, he flew to fight Spider-Man and quickly learned that the Web-Slinger was Peter Parker.

What was the Osborn curse?

Chris Cooper has a conversation with his son, Harry (Dane DeHaan), and passes on the “Osborn curse” – a disease in the family bloodline that Norman has been trying to cure for decades through his aggressive genetic research at OsCorp.

What was wrong with Harry Osborn?

Clinically known as Retroviral Hypodysplasia, the Osborn Curse has no actual diseases to base it on. In the films, the condition is tied to the Osborn family and slowly ravages the body before leaving the person in a state where they are in constant pain and can no longer walk.

Does Spider-Man 3 have a post credit scene?

There are no extras after the credits of Spider-Man 3.

How does Peter Parker know Harry Osborn?

Secrets Revealed. After his father’s death, Harry became aware of Peter Parker’s secret identity as Spider-Man after finding his costume in the apartment they shared. This revelation would shortly lead Harry to become one of Spider-Man’s most fearsome (and most sympathetic) villains of all time.