What does Svidrigailov dream about?

What does Svidrigailov dream about?

Svidrigailov continues on his way to see his 15-year-old fiancée and leaves her a note for 15,000 rubles. Returning now to his room, he dreams of finding a young five-year-old girl whom he picks up and takes to his room. In his dream, this girl suddenly grows older and assumes the role of a depraved French prostitute.

Why did Svidrigailov commit suicide?

At last, even Svidrigailov realizes that he cannot live completely alone and isolated from the rest of humanity. When he realizes that he cannot have Dunya, he is forced to commit suicide. Suicide is the only thing left that he has not willed for himself.

Does Dunya shoot Svidrigailov?

At this time, Dunya pulls out a gun that Svidrigailov recognizes as belonging to him; she had taken it long ago when she was the governess. Svidrigailov begins to threateningly approach Dunya. She shoots once and misses. She shoots once more and the bullet grazes his hair.

Why does Svidrigailov say he’s going to America?

Svidrigailov’s comment, that he is going to America, has a tinge of mystery about it, but might be explained by the fact that America was an impossible ideal, a land of mythical freedoms and purity, for many Russians without the means to travel there.

How is Svidrigailov a foil to Raskolnikov?

Although he is a violent and sneaky individual, Svidrigailov possesses the ability to accept that he cannot force reality to conform to his deepest desires. In this regard, he functions as a foil to Raskolnikov, who can accept only partially the breakdown of his presumed “superman” identity.

Why does Svidrigailov marry Dunya?

Svidrigailov knows a great deal about Raskolnikov’s life. Svidrigailov hopes to convince Raskolnikov that he truly loves, and has always loved, Dunya, and that he, rather than Luzhin, ought to marry Dunya and provide for her.

Why did Svidrigailov give Sonya money?

Sonya is astonished but takes the money; she will later use it to support herself and Raskolnikov in Siberia. Svidrigailov then heads to the house of his fiancée, says he is leaving Petersburg “for some time” and gives her 15,000 roubles, care of her parents.