What does Slore mean?

What does Slore mean?

noun Internet slang, derogatory An extremely promiscuous female or male .

What is SLOR?

Sloars (alternately spelled Slor) are rather large reptilian beasts not from this world. Gozer was noted for taking the form of a giant one by Vinz Clortho in the first movie. The first appearance of a Sloar takes place in Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions).

What’s a print pic?

: an image formed on paper or other sensitive material by photographic means : a photographic print.

What does Sciclay mean?

: any of a genus (Scilla) of Old World bulbous herbs of the lily family with narrow basal leaves and purple, blue, or white racemose flowers.

What is a Flore?

Noun. flore f (countable and uncountable, plural flores) (uncountable) flora (plants considered as a group, especially those of a particular country, region, time, etc.) (countable) flora (a book describing the plants of a country etc.)

What is Slock?

slock (plural slocks) An improvised weapon consisting of a padlock placed in a sock, common in prison environments.

What does printer mean in slang?

If someone says ‘Fax No Printer’, it essentially means that they are agreeing with something. The original saying was ‘all facts, no printer’ but the word ‘facts’ got shortened to ‘fax’, as in fax machine.

What does printing mean in art?

Printmaking is an artistic process based on the principle of transferring images from a matrix onto another surface, most often paper or fabric. Traditional printmaking techniques include woodcut, etching, engraving, and lithography, while modern artists have expanded available techniques to include screenprinting.

What does Spwm mean in text slang?

SPWM. Single Protestant White Male. Copyright 1988-2018 AcronymFinder.com, All rights reserved.

What is Urbanisation meaning?

Urbanization is the process through which cities grow, and higher and higher percentages of the population comes to live in the city.

What is Flose?

flose {adverb} afloat {adv.}