What does Ratel stand for Army?

What does Ratel stand for Army?

Radio Telecommunications
Radio Telecommunications, a method of communicating over a radio used in the Australian Army and Australian Army Cadets. Ratel IFV, a family of wheeled infantry vehicles in service with the South African Army.

What is radio communication procedures?

Introduction. Radiotelephony procedures encompass international regulations, official procedures, technical standards, and commonly understood conventions intended to ensure efficient, reliable, and inter-operable communications via all modes of radio communications.

What does radio Break mean?

Break, Break, Break – You are interrupting in the middle of communication because you have an emergency. Read you loud & clear – Response to “Radio Check”. Means your transmission signal is good. Also use “Read you 5-by-5“. Come in – You are asking the other party to acknowledge they hear you.

What is the meaning of voice procedure?

Voice procedure is a set of rules designed to provide SECURITY, ACCURACY and DISCIPLINE when speaking on the radio. SECURITY.

What does sad stand for in Ratel?

Security, Accuracy, Discipline. SAD Radiotelephone procedure, or RATEL, consists of a set of rules designed to achieve three things.

What does SAD mean in Ratel?

Seasonal affective disorder
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What are the four principles of radio telephony procedure?

(i) Easier to intercept. (ii) Liable to atmospheric interference and interference from other stations. (iii) Liable to be jammed. (iv)Skilled operators required.

What are the five 5 means of communication?

We’ve got you covered — read all about the five types of communication: verbal, nonverbal, written, visual, and listening. Yes, listening is a type of communication too! Communication happens between the sender and receiver, and can occur in groups as well.

Why do radio operators say break?

“Break” is commonly used among amateur radio operators to mean “I am not done speaking yet”, such as when talking through a repeater that requires transmission breaks every minute or so.

Why do we study voice procedure?

Proper voice procedure training will provide radio operators with the basic knowledge of how to improve their skills in the use of two-way radio communication. Even the best radio system can suffer from interference, because of this it is possible that others can hear anything that is said.

What does SAD mean in radio procedure?

Correct radio procedures can be remembered using ‘SAD’. The letters stand for: Security. Accuracy. Discipline.

What is the meaning of Ratel?

Definition of ratel. : an African or Asian nocturnal omnivorous mammal (Mellivora capensis) of the weasel family that resembles a badger.

What is radio radiotelephony procedure?

Radiotelephony procedure (also on-air protocol and voice procedure) includes various techniques used to clarify, simplify and standardize spoken communications over two-way radios, in use by the armed forces, in civil aviation, police and fire dispatching systems, citizens’ band radio (CB), and amateur radio .

What is voice procedure in radio?

It consists of a signalling protocol such as the use of abbreviated codes like the CB radio ten-code, Q codes in amateur radio and aviation, police codes, etc., and jargon. Some elements of voice procedure are understood across many applications, but significant variations exist.