What does mauga mean?

What does mauga mean?

The word mauga means mountain in the Samoan language. The settlement is built around the crater of a small volcano.

What is Chakka in English?

/cakkā/ mn. wheel countable noun. A wheel is a circular object which turns round on a rod attached to its centre.

What is Chakka food?

Chakkavaratty, Chakka Varattiyathu, Chakka Varatti, Jackfruit Preserves or Jackfruit Halwa is a type of food made from jackfruit. The seeds are removed from the fruit and it is cut into small pieces. The fruit is then cooked with ghee and jaggery; it eventually reaches a paste- or jam-like consistency.

What is the Telugu meaning of pricking?

deliver a sting to. Synonyms : bite, sting Example. – A bee stung my arm yesterday. to cause a sharp emotional pain. – The thought of her unhappiness pricked his conscience.