What does Industrious company do?

What does Industrious company do?

Industrious is an American company that provides co-working spaces to companies and individuals. It was founded in 2012 and operates in more than 100 locations in the US and an international location in Singapore.

Who owns Industrious coworking?

Jamie Hodari Under his leadership, Industrious has grown to over 100 locations across more than 50 cities since its founding in 2013, recognized by commercial real estate leaders for its asset-lite model based on landlord partnerships rather than traditional leases.

What is the difference between Industrious and WeWork?

Industrious then shares in a percentage of revenue and operates a stable, risk-mitigated business, according to Hodari. Currently, the company operates over 100 offices in 50 cities. WeWork, on the other hand, signs leases with landlords in what can be a higher reward proposition, but a much riskier one, he said.

How many Industrious locations are there?

How many locations does Industrious have? Industrious has more than 120 locations in 50+ cities in the U.S. and abroad and growing.

Is industrious a public company?

Industrious, one of the leading coworking providers that counts WeWork and IWG’s Regus among its rivals, is taking steps toward an initial public offering, which may be announced as soon as spring of next year.

What is Industrious worth?

The deal values Industrious at more than $600 million, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

Does CBRE own Industrious?

Commercial real estate services firm CBRE has just invested $200 million to acquire a 35 percent share of flexible workspace operator Industrious, with plans to purchase another 5 percent in the near future, making CBRE Industrious’ largest shareholder.

What is a WeWork hot desk?

Hot-desking is an organizational workspace system in which desks are used by different people at different times, on an ad hoc basis. Typically, the aim is to maximize space efficiency and lessen real estate risk by reducing redundant office space.

How old is Jamie hodari?

Hodari, 38, has lived a life of regular career shifts.

What is WeWork all access?

WeWork All Access provides more flexibility from WeWork’s Dedicated Space offerings by allowing you to book a desk in a shared workspace at hundreds of locations worldwide, while WeWork’s Dedicated Space products offer private desks or office spaces at the same location with a monthly or annual membership.

Is industrious a corporation?

Industrious LLC develops real estate properties. The Company constructs industrial buildings including warehouse, distribution, and other workspace properties. Industrious serves customers in the United States.