Recommendations What does AFRC mean?

What does AFRC mean?

What does AFRC mean?

Air Force Reserve Command
Headquarters Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, U.S.
Nickname(s) “Citizen Airmen”
Decorations Air Force Organization Excellence Award

What is the time commitment for Air Force Reserve?

Your initial military service obligation (MSO) will be for six years of participation (one weekend a month and two weeks once a year), plus two years of inactive status (you are no longer expected to attend drills, but you could still be activated by the President). Subsequent enlistments can be from two to six years.

How much does the Air Force Reserve pay?

Air Force Reserve pay for a person with 20 years of service Senior Airman E-4: $355 per month. Staff Sergeant E-5: $453 per month. Technical Sergeant E-6: $540 per month. Master Sergeant E-7: $640 per month.

What is 7th ARCen?

AFRC Laang Kawal Page The 7th ARCen of the Air Force Reserve Command conducted intitiatives to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and help the people affected by Enhanced Community Quarantine.

How many Air Force Wing Reserve units are there?

The Air Force Reserve is comprised of the 4th Air Force, 10th Air Force and 22nd Air Force. Under those numbered Air Forces are 35 wings, 10 independent groups and various mission support units at: 9 Reserve bases.

What does Prrd stand for?


Acronym Definition
PRRD Peace River Regional District (British Columbia, Canada)
PRRD Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics (Muller books)
PRRD Planned Rural Residential Development (Washington)
PRRD Portable Respiratory Recording Device (sleep study)

Can you be in the Air Force for 2 years?

The Short Answer: Two Years With a Catch Two years is the shortest amount of time a new enlistee can sign up for active duty, however, there is a catch. You actually have an eight-year commitment but you can perform this commitment as an active duty member, a Reservist, or Individual Ready Reservist (IRR).

Does Air Force Reserve get Bah?

Reserve Service members on active duty are eligible for Basic Allowance for Housing. Basic Allowance for Housing rates are based on local area rental market data and vary by geographic duty station, pay grade and dependency status. The cost of utilities is also considered.

Do Air Force Reserve get Bah?

Who is the commanding officer of 3rd Air Reserve Center?

LTC JETTONI LUKH D DE QUIROZ PAF (GSC), the Commanding Officer of 3rd Air Reserve Center, relinquished the Command of the Unit to LTC MA CHRISTINA O BASCO PAF (GSC) during the Change of Command Ceremony with MGEN ARTHUR M CORDURA PAF, Commander, Air Force Reserve Command as the Presiding Officer at PAFOCS Mess Hall.

Who is the commanding officer 5th Air Reserve Center?

The 5th Air Reserve Center led by its Commanding Officer, LTC JOSHUA R LEONES PAF (GSC), together with personnel of Tactical Operations Group 6, conducted Feeding Program and Distribution of Rice and Medicines… More.