What are you supposed to do in The You Testament?

What are you supposed to do in The You Testament?

The You Testament is a ridiculously simple game, in which the main thing you have to do is walk from scene to scene without being arrested, killed, or getting so hungry/insane that you collapse to the ground weeping and start beating people up in a Vampire-style frenzy.

How do you get evil powers in Testament?

– To activate an evil power, meditate for a sufficiently long time with negative spiritual energy… – Standing near Jesus automatically increases your spiritual energy… – Standing near Satan quickly decreases your spiritual energy… – Meditating in the vicinity of another devotee doubles its effectiveness…

How do you get off the cross in Testament?

At least the constant agony makes your positive energy skyrocket. If the Body bar bottoms out you croak. However, there’s a secret Easter egg (hurr Easter crucifixion get it) that lets you get down off the cross. Meditate.

Can you escape crucifixion in The You Testament?

Controllable Helplessness: Getting imprisoned or crucified. If you’ve learned to meditate, you may be able to use it to escape from a cross. For jail, there’s really nothing to do but wait it out.

Can you escape crucifixion?

Since death does not follow immediately on crucifixion, survival after a short period of crucifixion is possible, as in the case of those who choose each year as a devotional practice to be non-lethally crucified.

Is Mat Dickie still alive?

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How long does death by crucifixion take?

“That can [kill in] 10 minutes to half an hour – it’s just impossible to breathe under those conditions,” Ward says. Someone nailed to a crucifix with their arms stretched out on either side could expect to live for no more than 24 hours.