What are the 7 phere in Hindu marriage?

What are the 7 phere in Hindu marriage?

Saat Phere, the important part of the Hindu wedding is for the bride and groom to walk around the holy fire together and the couple lights the fire and pray for a happy future, using the fire to pass on their prayers to the various Hindu deities.

What is the 7 phere meaning?

Saat Phere are seven vows taken collectively by the bride and the groom as they do the parikrama around Agni Dev by taking him as a witness to their marriage.

What are the 7 vows?

In this ritual, the couple exchange vows of love, duty, respect, faithfulness, and a fruitful union where they agree to be companions forever. These vows are recited in Sanskrit. Let’s delve deeper into these seven vows of Hindu marriage and understand the meaning of these Hindu Wedding vows in English.

What does each Phera mean?

Each Phera signifies a vow that the bride and groom make to each other. Their significance is deeply rooted in our rich Indian culture and the meanings are beautiful.

Why does Hindu marriage have 7 rounds?

The 7 Pheras or the Saptapadi is the true essence of a Vedic wedding. Only when the bride and the groom take the 7 vows keeping the holy pyre as the witness, they are called as married. The bride and the groom hold their hands and take seven rounds around the Agni and promise to be with each other for eternity.

Why do we take Saat Phere?

Like the Jaimala or Varmala ritual, the Saat Phere too has been glorified in movies and TV. This is because the bride and the groom exchange marital vows and collectively pray for a blissful married life. As the wedding season in India begins, know more about the rituals to understand what they symbolise.

How do you take Saat Phere?

The Saat phere or the seven pradakshinas (circumambulations) are as follows:

  1. In the first round or phera, the couple prays to God for plenty of nourishing and pure food.
  2. In the second round or phera, the couple prays to God for a healthy and prosperous life.
  3. In the third phera, the couple prays to God for wealth.

Why are there 7 rounds of marriage?

The Saat Phere (Seven circles) around the sacred fire (yagya) of Hindu Wedding Rituals as Explained by Mathematics… Each circle consists of 360°. The only number from 1 to 9 which cannot divide 360 is 7. So the Bride and Groom go round the Fire 7 Times Ensuring that Nothing Can Divide Their Relationship…

Is 7 phere or 4 Pheras?

Rahul Bhatt reveals Alia Bhatt-Ranbir Kapoor took 4 pheras not 7: ‘They had a special pandit’ Alia Bhatt’s brother Rahul Bhatt has revealed she and Ranbir only took four pheras instead of seven. The couple tied the knot on Thursday.